Evangelos Gerasopoulos

Evangelos Gerasopoulos (born in 1974) is a Research Director at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). He studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has a PhD in the field of Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics. He has worked as Post Doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute (Biogeochemistry Department, Mainz-DE) and the University of Crete (Chemistry Department, ECPL). His research interests include air quality, aerosol research, climate change and relevant synergistic interactions. He is leading the Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Group of NOA and he is Head and Quality Assurance Manager of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry. He is the Director of the Greek GEO Office, represents Greece in the relevant international bodies (i.e. GEO Programme Board/UN, EuroGEOSS Coordination Group/EC), and he is Member of the Board of the Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency (HQA).