Oral presentations

Each oral presentation is allocated 12 minutes, plus 3 minutes of discussion time. Presenters are kindly requested to observe the time allotted to their presentations, to ensure the smooth running of the conference programme.

Authors who will be physically present in Athens are requested to be present at the session hall at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled opening time, to meet the chairs and converse on the session flow. Presentations should be delivered to the Speaker Ready Room at least two hours ahead of the session’s beginning; the Professional Conference Organizer strongly recommends that presentations are handed in the day before the session, to ensure there is sufficient time to check and make any adjustments to your files.

Authors who will present virtually will be asked to turn on their microphone and camera and share their screen when it is their turn to present. When preparing your presentation, you should keep in mind that attendees will be watching from a variety of devices and screen sizes, therefore you are advised to opt for a larger font size and clearer picture than you would use to present on site. You do not need to send the presentation file beforehand.

There will be a rehearsal event where you will be able to test your presentation and familiarize yourself with the virtual platform. The exact dates and times will be announced in the near future.

If you are unable to present live at the conference, you also have the option to record your presentation, upload it to a file sharing service (such as WeTransfer) and send it to abstracts@iac2022.gr. Should you decide to do that, we will play the presentation for you when it is time. Please make sure to make a video of 720p quality, and no longer than 12 minutes. You can also choose to send a recorded presentation even if you intend to present it live, as a backup option in case you have internet/computer problems on the day. If we do not receive a recorded presentation from you until July 31, 2022, we will assume that you intend to present live at the conference.

Below are some useful tips you may want to pay attention to when presenting in front of a camera:

• Use a soft light source from the front. Cameras capture better-looking video when there is a good light source. Try to avoid locations with low light or too much backlighting.

• Mind your webcam placement. Some camera angles can exaggerate your facial features and distort your appearance. Make sure that the camera lens sits at or above eye level, no higher than your hairline.

• Prefer a laptop computer, if possible, otherwise the fan noise may distort your audio.

• Use a USB microphone. Even a low-cost microphone offers better audio quality than a laptop’s built-in mic.

• When broadcasting live, avoid using wireless internet and ask everyone who shares the connection to not use the bandwidth at the time of your presentation.

• Mind your surroundings and inform people not to enter the recording room.

Poster presentations

Preparing your poster

Printed posters

IAC 2022 poster presenters who will be physically present at the conference venue will have to have printed versions of their posters. All posters should be standard A0 (120cm x 84cm) size and oriented vertically. Posters will be mounted on the boards available in the designated Poster Area. All poster boards will be labeled by their respective poster numbers. In addition, all poster presenters will need to provide an electronic version of their posters according to the instructions below. Those who will attend and present their posters physically will have to provide us with a pdf file of their poster which will be uploaded to the online platform for the virtual attendees to have access. 


Each e-poster presenter, regardless of whether s/he is attending virtually or physically, should prepare an electronic file of her/is poster in vertical orientation. Optionally, each e-poster presenter can prepare a pre-recorded video presentation with a duration of up to three (3) minutes.

The e-Poster files should be in PDF format and have a maximum size of 8 MB. The PDF files should display the posters as if those were printed for in-person presentation. There is no specific poster style proposed by the IAC 2022; however, we suggest using:

-Relatively large fonts
-Minimum resolution of 150 dpi
-2-cm margins

If presenters choose to provide also a video recording (in addition to the PDF poster file), this should have a resolution of 720p or higher and be in landscape format. Presenters may display either the poster itself, or the content of their work in a 3-minute presentation.

All files must be sent to abstracts@iac2022.gr by using a cloud server link such as WeTransfer, indicating the abstract title, until August 12, 2022 (New Date). The e-poster files and recorded presentations will be uploaded onto the Virtual Platform and will become available to the attendees throughout the conference.

Presenting your poster

Presenters that will be physically present at the IAC 2022 will be asked to be next to their posters during the physical poster sessions, in order to present them at the conference delegates.

In the virtual poster session, scheduled separately from the physical poster session, virtual attendees will have the opportunity to present their e-posters to delegates who are logged onto the virtual platform of the conference. Each e-poster presenter will have her/is own virtual room, where s/he can present their poster by sharing their screen and interact with delegates.


The official language of IAC Conference is English.