HELMOS Technical Visit

TECHNICAL VISIT /EXCURSION | Helmos Atmospheric Aerosol & Climate Change Station

A day-trip is offered to the NCSR Demokritos ACTRIS station, Helmos Mt (HAC), located at 2315 meters above sea level, close to the picturesque town of Kalavryta and atop of the Peloponnese Helmos (Aroania) mountain, only a 3 hour drive from Athens. Helmos Mt is the southernmost aerosol-in situ high altitude ACTRIS station above 2000 meters in Europe. Experience a guided tour of the station, the instrumentation and history of aerosol, greenhouse gases and cloud in situ measurements, while enjoying breath-taking views on site and during the drive along the mountain. Transport is provided. Return on the same day or overnight stay at Kalavryta is available. Enroll by email (Subject: Helmos excursion) to the conference secretariat and at the Conference registration desk. 

Available only for registered participants

Fig.1 The Helmos Mt ACTRIS station at 2315 m asl

WHERE | Helmos Atmospheric Aerosol & Climate Change Station
WHEN | Saturday 10th of September