George Biskos

George Biskos holds a BSc in Environmental Science (University of the Aegean, Greece), an MSc in Environmental Engineering (Imperial College, London), and a PhD (Cambridge University) in Engineering. He has been a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University (USA) and has held faculty positions at the University of the Aegean (Greece), and at Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). Currently he is an Associate Professor at the Cyprus Institute (Cyprus). George’s research activities fall in the broader field of aerosol science and technology with focus on: 1. aerosol instrumentation, 2. atmospheric aerosols, and 3. aerosol-based nanotechnology. His research has contributed a number of aerosol instruments that are now common practice for measuring the size and concentration of aerosol particles, while his latest activities focus on further understanding and improving their performance and/or reducing their size and cost, thereby becoming more versatile and attractive to use in various application. He is a member of HAAR Board.