Lila (Evangelia) Diapouli

Lila (Evangelia) Diapouli holds a Chemical Engineering Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens (2000), an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, USA (2002) and a PhD in Air pollution from the National Technical University of Athens (2008). Currently she is Assistant Researcher (Researcher C) at the Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety, NCSR “Demokritos”. Her research activities focus on aerosol pollution, including ambient and indoor air quality, source apportionment and population and occupational risk assessment. She has been also actively involved in European initiatives for the development of standard methods for aerosol characterization, such as the quantification of carbonaceous species in PM and the adoption of a European harmonized methodology in the application of receptor models for PM source apportionment. She is a member of HAAR Board.