Sotiris E. Pratsinis

Professor Sotiris E. Pratsinis ( teaches Mass Transfer and Micro-Nano-Particle Technology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has graduated 44 PhDs, now at leading positions in industry and academia across the globe while currently he advises four PhDs and four post-docs. He and his students have published 400+ articles, filed 20+ patents that are licensed to industry and have contributed to the creation of five spinoffs. One of them (HeiQ) joined the London Stock Exchange in December 2020. They pioneered aerosol synthesis of several sophisticated nanomaterials with closely controlled characteristics, from perfect spheres to ramified agglomerates, by flame spray pyrolysis that is practiced today in industrial units and academic laboratories worldwide. They proved the rapid and nearly simultaneous attainment of both self-preserving size distribution and fractal-like structure during aerosol synthesis of materials enabling optimal aerosol process design for manufacture of particles and deposition of films. This led to revealing the origin of nanosilver toxicity, to novel heterogeneous catalysts and, for the first time, to aerosol-made dental and theranostic materials, nutritional supplements, and to the assembly of highly selective sensors for acetone, methanol & formaldehyde.